The Cellar

La cantina Francesco Clerico.

Our tradition began at the end of 1800 and we were always be careful on our customer’s necessities bringing them a genuine and biological product.

The entire process is realized by the owner Francesco Clerico, the wine is poured in durmast barrels where it rest until it’s natural maturation, after that it is bottled to rest at least six months.

Our cellar

The durmast barrels of our cellar. The aging in bottle is one of the method that wine producers use to ripen the wine after that the alcoholic fermentation is completed. The barrel used for the maturation changes the organoleptic properties of the liquid, the wine goes through transformations that can lead to “low oxygenation conditions” if the wood is porous. Another main feature of this aging process is the enhancement of complex aromas

Le Nostre Bottiglie

Our wine, bottled and ready to sell. In our winery we use one-piece corks granting elasticity (the cork is alive), this allows an hermetic closure, holding oxygen, an eventual evolution of the wine in his bottle and granting a good conservation in time.


we are a Biological vinery in Monforte d’Alba

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